Hannah Fizer: never to be forgotten an OpEd.

Hannah Fizer an American Tragedy that can never be forgotten an OpEd.

You made my life happy and good
Then came the news
It cut like a knife
It was the coldest day of my life
It seemed that time was not on your side
Your right to live had been denied
You may be gone
But you’ll never be forgotten
You may be gone
But I still think about you often
I don’t know how, I can’t say when
But I know one day we’ll meet again
Maybe in heaven, where you made your home
You’re with the angels, not on your own.

From the song “you may be gone by Paul Hardcastle “.

I am not from Sedalia or Missouri, but I have been following Hannah’s death since the Deputy Sheriff killed her.
I wrote about her and included her in my article: unarmed killings by Police. I am a Journalist, and I have so much sorrow for her death. I want justice for her life, and the Special Prosecutor decision that her death was justified is patterned answer used today. Most of those killed by the Police are labeled as tragic or a lack of training.But the reality is that the killing is about Killology is a part of the training and the “blue wall” of the Police union’s use of Law Enforcement Officers Bills of Rights

The method says it is alright to shoot five times into a parked car without de-escalating the incident. Hannah was not alone Breonna Taylor, Jessica Hernandez, and Ashley DiPiazza were unarmed and killed by the Police.

In every case, Prosecutors declared nothing criminally was done.The community was forced to pay millions in litigation to the families. But none of this cost was subtracted from the Police budget.Breonna Taylor’s family received twelve million dollars. Her family also has forced Louisville, Ky, to change Police policies. Hannah’s family deserves the same.
 Breonna’s killer was named months ago, but no one has been named for Hannah. 
I hope Hannah’s family request the FBI investigates her death, and Deputy’s history is also revealed as an officer regarding any misconduct or past excessive force actions.

Hopefully, someday, communities will no longer have to live with Qualified Immunity, which allows a Police officer to avoid deadly force litigation. Full transparency still should occur that reveals the Deputy and his Police background.

The community needs to demand that dashcams and bodycams are installed. And an investigation for why they were never made so.But all of these issues are a part of the contracts made with the Police Unions and Fraternal Police orders have with communities. The people will need to ask how much is life like Hannah Fizer’s worth?
The killing of Hannah is not an isolated issue.

In 2017

there were 149 unarmed killings by Police officers of different races, but only one percent were charged. Forty-eight of these officers in 2017 had shot someone before, and 12 had multiple killings.

No one should be killed for a traffic stop unless they attack a Police officer with a weapon or try to save a victim’s life.

And all Police officers should want those who act criminally to find a different profession or be arrested. And that the blue wall should not have the ability to use retribution from the Police Union. Remove the “Killology” method of training, and all officers are prohibited from using it.

Hanna Fizer lost her life, and it was criminal, and there is no justification, but we can force change in every community and every state .


RAJ Christian.