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Why the Police don’t get indicted even when they kill !

Minneapolis , MN Reaction to the George Floyd murder! I am a Investigative Journalist, and I just wrote about Breonna Taylor and other unarmed women killed by the Police (Unarmed shootings :The Officer was not charged and many of the victims are Women!). Kentucky’s Attorney-General Cameron’s decision was expected. He ruled Breonna Taylor’s death was a tragedy but : […]

The battle for Prosecution and justice in America.

. The death of Breoona Taylor and a story of a battle within the Grand Jury for Justice. On October 08, 2020, Vice President Pence was asked a question during the Presidential debate about the death of Breoona Taylor. He replied that Taylor’s death was a tragedy, but he believes in due process of law. The […]

Ghost-Skins : To protect and serve.

The call for a Revolt: JANUARY 6, 2021 WASHINGTON D.C. President Donald Trump had lost the Presidential 2020 election to Vice President Joe Biden on November 9 of 2020. But he would not concede and claimed that the election was stolen. Trump had for months claimed the only way that he could lose was by […]