What is the value of Investigative Journalism?

There has always been a need to investigate Journalism rather than writing in a political partisan or romanticized method. This is not an easy view to use since we all have thought about the world. Today the facts are clear that we have a division in the nation that threatens to rationalize violence and the destruction of Democracy. 

We have been taught that the truth is the only fix for such disinformation and misinformation. Still, the different camps have embraced their own version of what is the facts by misinformation. Social media, television, and print media have been the source of this misinformation.

So how do we find the actual truth? has a view and the tools to reveal the fact it is Forensics. Forensic scientists collect, preserve, and analyze scientific evidence during an investigation.

This site uses the methods in Forensics when writing articles covering Cybersecurity, Misinformation, Social Justice, and Politics and Law.

Who Ordered [the Attack on] Kateryna Handziuk?

As one of her last actions as U.S. Ambassador Maria Yavanovitch, on April twenty-fifth, 2019, presented an award to the father of Kateryna Handziuk. Later that night, she was contacted and told she was in danger and needed to return to the U.S. (fn#1 P.Baker, N.Y.Times, Nov 15,2019.)She served as a member of the Ukrainian…

Why gun violence in America is a complex problem,just ask the people of Minneapolis , Minnesota.

On June 23, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the Justice Department had plans to take action on President Bidens Gun Crime Prevention Strategy. The U.S. during 2021 has faced climbing numbers of shootings which have reached 9,810 currently. Of this increase in shootings, there have been 310 that were mass shootings.The White House’s…

Why the Police don’t get indicted even when they kill !

Minneapolis , MN Reaction to the George Floyd murder!I am a Investigative Journalist, and I just wrote about Breonna Taylor and other unarmed women killed by the Police (Unarmed shootings :The Officer was not charged and many of the victims are Women!). Kentucky’s Attorney-General Cameron’s decision was expected.He ruled Breonna Taylor’s death was a tragedy but : quote “I…

Like a fire through dry grass.

President Donald Trump addressed the U.S. press on March 30th and told them to expect the COVID-19 restrictions to continue until the end of April in 2020. (fn# 1 reported that when the Pandemic ends, there could be between 100,000 and 200, 000 dead Americans in the country. President Trump claimed his actions that his…