Ghost-Skins : To protect and serve.

The call for a Revolt: JANUARY 6, 2021 WASHINGTON D.C.

President Donald Trump had lost the Presidential 2020 election to Vice President Joe Biden on November 9 of 2020. But he would not concede and claimed that the election was stolen. Trump had for months claimed the only way that he could lose was by fraud.

His lawyers, media supporters, and social media claims were challenging state results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

Legally his lawyers lost in every lawsuit, and even the Supreme Court rejected the claims. President Trump called on Vice President Pence to de-certify the election, but he told him he could not. Trump called him “a pussy”.

The United States Attorney General, the Director of CISIS, Home Land Security, and the FBI Director found no fraud related to the 2020 Presidential Election or foreign interference. Attorney General William Barr, a strong supporter of the President, also made claims of “mail-in-ballots as having a high potential for fraud. But in the end, he resigned and reported that none was found. President Trump was forced to pressure Governors and state election officials to fail to certify the election or reject Vice President Biden’s votes. These tactics all failed.

President Trump called for a rally of his supporters on January 6 to “stop the steal.On the same day as the certification of the election by the Congress.The Trump followers attacked the Capital with thousands of rioter ‘s marching on the Congress fighting with the Capital Police. They chanted “hang Mike Pence”and cheered the name of Trump.

The Congress and Senate members hide in rooms while the terrorist were looking for the Vice President, the Speaker of the House, and Donald Trump’s specific enemies.

Thankfully,Capital Police officer Eugene Goodman and his fellow officers diverted the mob that saves multiple lives. The insurrection did not end until President Trump asked them to go home at 4:17pm.

When the riot ended, the electoral vote ended, Joe Biden was confirmed as the President.

But the human total was the death of four terrorists, and 56 Metro Washington police were injured with three dead Police officers: Howard Liebengood, Jeffery Smith,died from Suicide and officer Brian Sicknick was killed by the mob. The investigation by law enforcement developed a pattern of those who took part in the mob attack. White Supremacist and extremist groups made up of Q’Anon, Klu Klux Klan, Proud Boys, militia and others. The FBI, Capital Police and Home Land Security began the investigation.

It determined what it had known since 1990 that law enforcement members, both active and retired, were part of the White Supremacist, Extremist, and White Nationalist. The FBI investigated the total to 39 individuals from 17 states who were part of the Capital attack and arrested them. One of those detained was Houston Police Officer Tam Pham, who was charged by the FBI. His social media reveals the connection to Q’anon’s beliefs, and his support of Donald Trump drove him to the insurrection.Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo contacted the FBI informing them one of his officers attacked the capital after he was seen on a social media site.

The insurrection on January 6, 2020, was the first time that a political election in the United States had resulted in an attempt to by force to change the results. The repercussions were that Congress moved to impeach President Donald Trump for a second time.

But something far more dangerous emerged that of Donald Trump’s power over white extremists and conspiracy groups like Q’anon. It also revealed the connection that active and retired members of the Police have to these groups. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security have known for more than 20 years about the “Ghost-Skins.” But the results of the 2020 election revealed that they might be part of a future armed revolution.

The FBI’s history begins the hunt for White Extremist Ghost Skins .

The FBI’s tracking of law enforcement and white extremist began in 1982 with a Chicago Police Commander’s actions. Jon Burge was found in an investigation torturing black men who were arrested by forcing a confessions. He developed a team of white-only Detectives to carry out the tortures. Burge’s team was named the “midnight crew” his all-white officers targeted black men and women for torture. The team used beatings, suffocation s, burning, and electric genitals shock to obtain confessions. A later investigation found that 118 people were tortured by his team; multiple people were imprisoned, and some for murder and sent to death row in Illinois.

In 1990 the Chicago Tribune published accounts of the victims, which resulted in releases and recent new trials. Ten death sentences had revocations. None of Burge’s team was charged for the tortures. Still, Burge was only convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice. He was sentenced to four years in federal prison.

By 1990, White extremists’ threats beyond the historical Klan and Nazis activity became clearly a Department of Justice’s primary focus.In1991, following a series of shootings, deaths of Blacks and Latinos in Los Angeles, a board of inquiry was created. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors appointed Judge James G. Kolts to investigate the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. The Inquiry was headed by Judge James G.Kolts to examine the charges of brutality in the Lynwood region of Los Angeles.

It found that Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist groups existed as Sheriff’s officers. The “Lynwood Vikings,” “Pirates,” “Rattlesnakes,” and “Cavemen” served throughout the county as Los Angeles County Sheriffs. The commission found massive cases of excessive force by Deputy Sheriffs. After a 9 million dollar lawsuit, a Federal investigation by the FBI was opened that resulted in five criminal cases and the arrest of 18 sheriffs by the FBI in December 2014.

The fear of law enforcement members joining these groups was rarely approached by local and State law enforcement until the convictions in this case.

The Kolts Commission results were that the FBI began examining the connection between law enforcement and extremist groups for the first time. The FBI found that the level of corruption existed beyond the average Sheriff and even the district Commanders but was connected to the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department’s senior members.

. Lee Baca, a former Los Angeles County sheriff, was convicted of obstructing a FBI investigation into his department and under-sheriff, Paul Tanaka. They were both convicted of obstruction of FBI investigations. They prevented the FBI and other law enforcement organizations from investigating white supremacist activity.


The FBI found that many in law enforcement had been a part of white supremacist groups before joining and were encouraged to join the Police and cover up their past. This is where the term “ghost Skins” began related to the skinhead symbol, a defining hairstyle by Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. By 2006 the FBI and other law enforcement organizations produced a document that reported that Ghost Skin types’ infiltration was an ongoing problem.Their principal goal was to use their power to arrest blacks and other minorities and LGBTQ and whenever able to assault or kill them. They also wanted to prevent liberal members of the media from investigating law enforcement activity.
The Ghost Skins would also have access to weapons, both personal and Militarized equipment supplied by the U.S.military. But the White extremist and Nationalists and militias wanted most of all tactics, communications, and intelligence.

Following the FBI lead in 2015, the Justice Department published a counter-terrorism report about the affiliated links with law enforcement and extremist members and the need to track them. 
The FBI created the Terrorist Review Examination (TREX) as a “watch-list” to track know terrorists. Those officers connected to extremist groups were added to the list, even if only by social media post. The plan is known as the KST or “known suspect terrorist” file.

Many of those on the KST file were added to the “silent hit list” that allows Federal agents only to view extremist. But it will not notify State or local law enforcement of an officer’s status as an extremist. In 2008 there were 272,000 records submitted to the KST database.
But the current Domestic Terrorism plans by the Justice Department will not allow criminal arrest without a known crime being committed .The FBI and other agencies fear sharing intelligence with local and State law enforcement. They believe that criminal officers will hide evidence or intimidate witnesses. More than a dozen states have received Justice Department reports of officers’ suspected crimes based on racist threats on social media. But few have been fired or even suspended by the law enforcement organizations with claims of first amendment rights. Or the fraternal orders have challenged that a officer can be reprimanded for being a racist officer.

However, this information has resulted in few arrests or officers’ removals — a 2019 report from the Department of Homeland Security for a U.S.House subcommittee on Racism and social media. There were 1269 problematic posts from the Philadelphia Police 327 endorsed violence, Racism, and bigotry.White supremacist and anti-government groups have been reported by more than 40 states. Law enforcement officers have been found sending racist and extremist emails and text messages via social media.

Professor Vida Johnson of Georgetown University testified to Congress in July of 2020 that an Oklahoma Police Chief was one of the Klu Klux Klan members. Bart Alsbrook served as an interim Police Chief. He also ran a pair of neo-Nazi video and music companies and a skinhead website glorifying pictures of racist beat-downs. He was charged with another skinhead’s attempted murder — but had his case dropped when the alleged victim refused to testify. Johnson reported that she had found 178 instances of racial bias by white officers directed at Black officers even with their superiors present.

Frank Meeink, a former Neo-Nazi and “skinhead” and member of the National Socialist Movement, reported they were all encouraged to join the Police department or the military.

The Radicalization of law officers into Extremist groups has grown with the expansion of social media, the new reality of the political divide, and conspiracy groups like Q’anon emerging. But mostly the challenge to the “blue wall” by reformist Prosecutors who are willing to charge Police with criminal and violent actions.Groups like the FJP Prosecutors believe that law enforcement is a place where racial hatred can be hidden against people of color.

In 2019 Michael McGarrity, FBI Counter-terrorism Chief, reported that the FBI had found active connections between law enforcement and white extremist groups. The FBI agents were unable to make an arrest unless a crime was committed. The ‘Three Percenters”, ‘Oath Keepers,” and other militia groups have embraced law enforcement with ex-officers, military, and current officers. The local, State and some Federal organizations have found it difficult to remove these officers.

Robert Henderson, a trooper for 18 years, was dismissed in 2006 for joining the Klu Klux Klan but was reinstated;the Nebraska state courts ruled that his firing was a violation of his first amendment rights. But it was overturned by an Arbitrator, but the State appealed the ruling, and Henderson was removed from the State Police. 
Legal issues like this are why Police organizations find difficulty in firing or reprimanding extremist officers.During the George Floyd protest, the Philadelphia District Attorney opened an investigation of Police that allowed assaults on local Journalists by members of the “Proud Boys” and local militias. It found that many of its members were a part of the local Fraternal Order of Police.

On 01/01/21, a White Police officer who was fired for beating a student was found not guilty, with the judge declaring there is not enough evidence of a crime. The Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police accused the District Attorney of having an anti-Police agenda. The officer was photographed with the militia at the march that is a known Far-Right White Supremacist group.

The merger of law enforcement and white extremists was aided by the rise of the “Blue Live Matter.” A movement that equally supports Police from Police reform movement ideas like “qualified immunity” and de-funding the Police
The Trump administration used this tactic against the liberal Democrats who advocated it. Tragically, the “blue lives” matter often allowed these militias and extremists access to protest where law enforcement would typically serve as security.The law enforcement organizations was told that the Blue Lives Matter movement supported the Police and the militia were willing to back up their battles with protesters, the media and liberals.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, following Jacob Blake’s shooting on August 20, 2020, by a White Police officer, several nights of protest and unrest White members of various militias moved in claiming to be security.

One of those militia members was 17 years old Kyle Rittenhouse. He was armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle. On August 25, Rittenhouse shot two protesters who were killed, and a third was seriously wounded. He was able to escape arrest even though he was pointed out to Police after the shooting.

On August 26, Rittenhouse turned himself in and was charged with a Homicide and claimed he was fighting in self-defense. He was released on bond and posed with members of the “proud boys” and flashed a white power gang sign. The Far-right hails him as a “hero” Donald Trump refused to condemn the shooting but called it a self-defense case.

Donald Trump called Black lives matter “thugs” and a tool of the Socialist wing of the Democratic party. His view is that they, along with Antifa, are more of a threat to America. But the extremist groups like those in the Charlottesville, Va. rally are protectors of America. During the 2020 Presidential debate, he was asked how would he address the Proud boys? He said,” they would be told to stand back but stand-by.”During the 2020 campaign in June, President Trump began the election’s claiming it was “rigged” with voter fraud.

Attorney General William Barr, who questioned mail-in voting, determined no fraud during the election. Once Biden won the election on November 7, Trump’s legal team, after more than sixty lawsuits in State, federal, and even the Supreme court, still failed to change the election results. The Far-right social media with Q’Anon followers the Proud Boys and like extremist pledged to Trump their loyalty with the “stop the steal” motto.

Two days before the Electoral College on December 12, the “stop the steal” rally The Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio announced they would be leading the January 6th rally. But before the rally on the 12th, he was arrested. It was revealed that Tarrio had a subversive connection to law enforcement. Tarrio was working for the FBI as an informant while being on their “silent hit list.

Tarrio, since 2012, provided the FBI with assistance in their investigations and information on members and local police communications about Proud Boys protests. Reuters exposed that Tarrio, while he had a “cozy” relationship with the FBI, led the Proud Boys in brawls with Antifa and far-left protests. At the “stop the steal” rally Tarrio chanted, “to the parasites in Congress, if you want a war, you got one.” Oddly, he was arrested by the D.C. Metropolitan Police. Two days before the capital riot for having a loaded rifle magazine and burning a Black Lives Matter church banner. He was ordered out of Washington, D.C. The FBI claimed that he was planning to lead an attack on the Capital with others arrested.

The connection between law enforcement and the Far-Right . Why?

The Philadelphia chapter of the Proud Boys developed a channel to the Police and FBI using the Telegraph social media. The Patriots Prayer far-right group connected with the Proud Boys in Portland, Oregon, had a similar relationship with the Police. A Portland Police Lieutenant, Jeff Niiya, a member of the Rapid Response Team, shared text messages with the Patriots Prayer and Proud Boys during the 2020 unrest. This led to a six-month investigation into the relationship between the Police and far-right groups. The community claimed the Police department favored the right-wing with its communications. Lt. Niiya claimed he had no favorites and that the Mayor and superiors knew about his work. The investigation revealed that Lt. Niiya’s information was shared with other Law enforcement organizations.

The Oregon State Police and the FBI were briefed on members he communicated with and protest that they would attend. Lt. Niiya informed Patriots Prayer members with arrest warrants not to attend protests he claimed his actions were known by his superiors. The investigation revealed that he also had communicated with the Oathkeepers militia leader Brian Krogmann, a retired law enforcement officer. He did not want a protest to appear with cops and his followers going “head to head”in a battle.

The results of the Portland city investigations revealed the factor of bias toward far-right extremists. The FBI, who was expected to seek out criminal activity in Portland, allowed far-right extremists to plot violent confrontations as long as they provided the members’ names. The Police connected to or were Proud Boys and Patriots Prayer were never turned into the Portland Police.
Militia groups who often provided security for these groups while having the same objectives were often at odds with white extremist like Proud Boys. The Oath Keepers, as a militia, claim they are not racists and more concerned with second amendment rights. Their leader Stewart Rhodes claims they have more active Police and military than any other group. In an article in the Atlantic 11/20. He claims a pending revolution will occur and that cops are always talking about this or race war and that they want to be a part of it.

Rhodes believes that Police will refuse orders in the future by Presidents, Governors, and Mayors that violate the Constitution.

His militia background started with the raid at Waco, TX . which inspired Timothy McVeigh, who was convicted in the Oaklahoma 1995 bombing. The Oath Keepers had used current and retired Police and military as vigilantes even when there was no request by local Police. In 2014 following the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. He positioned his men on top of a building with semi-automatic weapons. The Police chief of” St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar stated, “Their presence was both unnecessary and inflammatory. But none of the Oath Keepers was arrested or investigated by the Police.

The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that Oath Keepers have a membership of 25,000 and that 10% are active and retired Police. The Police make up is ex- Police chiefs, SWAT and Sheriff’s officers. Their military members are on active duty. Some are from special operations forces; the federal law officers are FBI, DEA, Secret Service, and ATF. Rhodes continues to boast that he has had support from the former military to teach his members explosives and tactics. After the attack on January 6th attack, we now know that the Oath Keepers had a plan to bring in weapons. They also have support from current Police officers to provide information and cover their escape after the attack.

A Oath Keepers quick force was in place with heavy weapons to support the attack; these were current Police officers. 
Rhodes tells the Police in meetings with them that “liberals hate them,” and they want to take away guns from ordinary people who help you by protecting themselves. He promotes all Democrats want to take away their jobs and put cops in jail for protecting themselves.

The Oath Keepers have claimed that it has no relationship to the “Proud Boys” and are not White Nationalists or racist. But like Q’Anon supporters, they all have been inspired by Donald Trump and believe that he will return to power and there will be a race war in the U.S.

The Journalist Ali Briland in “Mother Jones” wrote about the spread of Q’anon within Law enforcement, including the NYPD. He reported on a retired New Haven Police officer who posted on social media that the wealthy are torturing children for their blood. And only Trump can change it.

The idea of a significant U.S. civil war caused by Far-Right militia s, white extremists, or Q’anon has become a reality with law enforcement’s relationship to these groups. The access to weapons and intelligence make a relationship to the Police and a revolution very realistic.

The Far-Right believes that the Democrats are willing to trade control of the U.S. for socialist ideas. They have embraced the idea people of color will take away the power they have had by Policing. 
To the Police who have accepted that a violent revolt is the only means to regain power, the insurrection on January 6 became a road map to force this change. The Ghost-Skins feel that the Capital’s attack was proof that they could do it and that they will in the future bring weapons and take more lives.

In Willmington, NC. On June 24, 2020, the Police Chief terminated three officers for racial slurs found on a video from one of their cars’ dashcam. One officer predicted that Black Lives Matter protests will cause a race war. Another replied he was buying an assault rifle another commented we need to “Wipe ’em off the f — — — map.The Police chief of Willmington called this the “darkest day he has ever known”.

One officer was quoted as saying he was ready to “slaughter” black people, he added, “God I can’t wait.”In the investigation by the internal affairs division all of the officers claimed that stress caused their comments and they were not “racist”.

Why the FBI is not arresting “Ghost-Skins .”

Michael German was a former FBI agent who spent his career infiltrating white extremists and supremacists. He joined Neo-Nazis in California following the attack of Rodney King in 1992. But the agency chooses not to take any action against them. The FBI made counter-terrorism investigations of Black extremists and Eco-terrorist and Islamic fundamentalists the threat landscape of the U.S.

Since the 9/11 attack on the U.S., there have been 112 Jihadist murders, 12 related to Black extremists but 114 by a white extremist. But the Justice Department has made surveillance of Black extremists and Black reformists like Black Lives Matter a priority.

Black Lives Matter has been under surveillance by the FBI and law enforcement as a Black extremist group since 2014.However, White supremacists and extremists, and militia with active law enforcement officers have only been added to databases. Michael German reports that this threat is the dynamic link between the FBI, local Police, and extremist.

The FBI is reluctant to get involved with local Police Departments and Racism within the local Government. But they will use local informants to get information on groups like Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers. The FBI is aware of those racist officers they keep on a silent list with a history of excessive and deadly force.

Federal prosecutors declined to prosecute 96 percent of FBI civil rights investigations involving police misconduct from 1995 to 2015, turning down more than 12,700 complaints, according to a Reuters analysis of DOJ records. Attorney General Jeff Sessions signed restrictions and Attorney General William Barr made it challenging to impose civil actions against law officers charged of a crime.

German points out that the only way to remove Ghost-Skins from law enforcement is to coordinate federal, State, and local law enforcement to identify these officers. They should be applied to Brady’s list that prevents them from producing any evidence.Establish a public hotline for reporting racist activity by law enforcement officials and strengthen whistleblower protections for federal law enforcement agents.
The attack on the Capital was more than an attack on our nation’s heart and soul. Still, the test that reveals American Democracy is fragile, and a Fascist like Donald Trump can lie and rain down fury. 
But more importantly, turn law officers who embrace Racism and are Ghost-Skins into an army willing to start a race war.

The Government cannot defend against it, and there are elected officials ready to support them. Frank Figliuzzi the former head of Counter terrorism at the FBI “asked the question, “What biases fed into the many incorrect assumptions made? And what keeps us collectively — as Americans, as law enforcement, and more specifically, as white people — from perceiving our own as a potential threat?