Unarmed shootings :The Officer was not charged and many of the victims are Women!

HANNA FIZER , KILLLED June 13 Sedalia, Missouri

Hannah Fizer was an unarmed shooting victim and a woman. In Pettis County, the city of Sedalia, Missouri, is a small town in the center of the state and home of the Missouri state fair. The town has few industries, but the railroad connects it to Chicago and Kansas City.The crime rate is generally low in Sedalia, and it’s known as a safe town. The poverty rate has grown there mostly due to Covid-19; it was a place where a young person may take a while to find what they want in life.

Hannah Fizer was an example of a person trying to figure out her life. But she loved being who she was to her family and friends.

She left her home and boyfriend for her night shift at the “tiger and eagle stop gas station,” where she was the night manager. At 10 pm on June 13, an unknown Pettis County Sheriff pulled her over for running a red light.He reported he asked her for information, but she failed to comply. He stated, “she said she had a gun and would shoot him.”

The Deputy Sheriff then less than 3 feet from her car driver window, fired five rounds.

The Missouri State Police arrived, and Hannah Fizer was dead at the scene. The Deputy Sheriff who killed Hannah is still unknown; the evidence in her death has not been provided to the public, family and friends want answers.

Hannah Fizer was unarmed, yet a Deputy Sheriff killed her. Why? She was a young white woman who respected the law.

The Attorney General of Missouri has assigned a Special Prosecutor to determine if changes are needed. On September 14, the Attorney assigned to the case special Prosecutor decided: “There are aspects of the case that lead me to believe that an alternative approach might have avoided the confrontation that led to the Officer having to discharge his weapon. Special Prosecutor Sokoloff wrote, also adding that it is not relevant to any criminal liability in the case.”The Officer was not charged based on Missouri law.But the question remains why was there no effort to de-escalate or contact backup.(1.https://www.joincampaignzero.org/solutions




The chief reason may be in the training method used in Policing, known as the “warrior” type instead of the guardian.bias to uses “killology.” (3.https://iowastartingline.com/2020/07/02/how-iowa-police-officers-are-being-trained-in-killology/) The process does not care if you are unarmed; the prime directive is to fire your weapon until you know the suspect is dead.Hannah Fizer’s death may never see prosecution because of a bias to protect officers.

In 2017 most of those killed in a traffic stop (89) occurred with a traffic stop. In each case, there was no outstanding criminal report.

Most Prosecutors believe they cannot convict a police officer, which is the dilemma of being unarmed and shot by the Police. The Grand Jury or Prosecutor must determine if the Officer used procedures within the training that any other Police officer would use even when there is no actual crime involved, as in Hannah Fizer’s case.

She did not have a gun or weapons and no criminal record.

The impact of Police unions and their effect on training for deadly force.

The Missouri Peace Officers Association manages the determination of the training developed for officers in Missouri where Hanna Fizer was killed. The POST (Police officer training) is an Approved Provider of Law Enforcement Continuing Education. The Prosecutor must work against these controls to indict a Police officer.The Police union lobbies with cities and states to make the contracts contain these training rules used to govern officers’ actions legally. In 2020, the death of George Floyd and others in police officers’ has become a unifying Americans’ movement to question why?

In 2017

there were 149 unarmed killings by Police officers of different races, but only one percent were charged. Forty-eight of these officers in 2017 had shot someone before, and 12 had multiple killings. The catalyst of George Floyd’s death changed the world view of people of color’s unarmed deaths.Breonna Taylor, on March 13, 2020, in Louisville, Kentucky, was asleep in her home with her boyfriend when three Louisville Police officers with a no-knock warrant smashed through her door and fired 20 shots. Breanna was wounded eight times.

Breonna Taylor March 13, 2020 killed by Police.

Her boyfriend fired one shot; he was arrested.

But later found innocent of any charges for returning fire at the Police. The Police were looking for drugs sent to her old boyfriend, but they found none or money. Breonna died at the scene; the Police reports were inaccurate about the attack on her home.

The outcry from the public lead to protests that lasted for weeks, and the Attorney General has taken over the case. But only one Police officer was fired, Brett Hawkinson, but no charges for him or Myles Cosgrove and Johnathan Mattingly exist.

There is a delay of a decision to charge the officers and present evidence in a timely fashion that reflects the “blue walls” influence.

The Blue Wall.

The “blue wall” is the Police force, and Fraternal Police orders supported by the Prosecutors and Grand Jury make charging Police officers difficult.

In Louisville, the Police union can: Limits the Length of Investigation, Delays Interrogations, making getting a conviction difficult.

It is also challenging to convince a Grand Jury of a Police mistake was not made, but the Officer committed a crime. But unlike the public, police contracts officers have legislation called the “law enforcement bill of rights.”When Police officers use unsafe methods, people can become unarmed victims. The shooting at moving vehicles or firing when there is no visible suspect for most police departments is prohibited.
However, Police continue to fire on moving vehicles and use dangerous behavior in handling weapons.

The blue wall protects itself when it breaks the law with an unarmed shooting.

On April 23, 2020, a Federal judge dismissed a civil lawsuit against the city of St. Louis, Missouri, for the death of Katlyn Alix, who was a 24-year-old St.Louis Police officer. She died off duty while playing “Russian Roulette” with an on-duty officer Nathaniel Hendren. It was later learned that he was having a romantic affair with Alix, and on the night, she and his partner met at his apartment and were drinking.

After the shooting, Hendren rushed her to the hospital, where she died. The St.Louis Police department initially reported her death as an accident, although Hendren admitted to playing Roulette with Alix. (4. https://www.washingtonpost.com/)The Prosecutor, Kimberly Gardner, was unhappy with the Police claims of an accident, and she demanded tests for drugs and alcohol for all in the case. Still, the Police resisted and prevented the blood test results from reaching her. (5.http://www1.komu.com/news/E.Levinson;S.Said.The Police used the Under Garrity, which protects public employees from being compelled to incriminate themselves during investigations conducted by their employers.

The Judge would change Hendren bail from $50,000 cash-only bail to $100 000 and house arrest. The Lawyer for Hendren claimed this was a “tragic accident.” The Internal Affairs Division initially would only provide the results of the Urine test but not blood tests. The head of the Police Department, Colonel Hayden, called Katlyn’s death a “mishandling of a firearm” issue.Hendren’s lawyer, Talmage E. Newton IV, accused the Prosecutor of violating the Constitution for seeking the blood work. The St.Louis Police Department was determined to prevent the case from going to trial. But Gardner was determined to protect the integrity of the Justice System. Hendren pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and received seven years in prison.In a civil suit by Katlyn’s family, has discovered Hendren had a history of mental disorders and had played Roulette with other girlfriends.

Hendren’s background should have prevented him from being a Police officer, and the efforts to minimizes his actions and the crime reveal the danger of the Blue Wall in policing.

Katlyn Alix’s family failed to receive compensation in the Civil suit against the St.Louis Police Department, and Katlyn was another unarmed shooting victim.

Domestic violence by Police officers and the legal system in America.

A study by the U.C. Berkley reveals that Police officers can plead down charges with 40% of domestic violence cases. But reducing the charges allows them to keep a weapon.

The legal system in America allows for judges to use special exemptions for Police officers. The report found that 14 Officers were able to keep their guns even with a restraining order.

The wives and girlfriends of these officers often are forced to complain multiple times to get protection. And chances of their partner’s arrest is equally rare even when their lives are threatened.

The victims must fight through the blue wall’s support that will do anything to prevent charges which would take away the Officer’s gun. Police officers arrested are allowed to plea to non-violent misdemeanors, and in some states, this crime goes unreported.

In Huntington Beach, CA, an officer charged with abusing his ex-wife and girlfriend was charged with a 20 count felony, including Rape, Sodomy, and criminal threats.

If convicted, he faced 20 years in prison, but he was allowed to plea to a lesser charge of felony vandalism because he was a career officer.

For his violence charges, they converted into a misdemeanor domestic battery. In the end, the Police union and Prosecutors suspended his prison time to probation.The National Center for women and Policing found that 40% of Police families experience domestic violence vs. 10% of the general public. The New York Times reports that 30 % of the Police officers that commit battery were still working. (6. http://www.atlantic.com )

Christine Formisano and Tamara Seidle were married to senior ranking Police officers. Both women experienced abuse from them and divorced their husbands. Both women, within two years of a divorce they were shot to death by the ex-husband. On July 14 of 2019, Christine Formisano was in her home with her new boyfriend when her ex-husband Newark Police Lieutenant John Formisano, broke down the door of her family home.

He shot her boyfriend and wounded her, but she escaped.

She went from house to house crying for help, but no one did; her ex.husband found her and shot her four times as she begged for her life. After killing his wife, he was arrested at his parent’s home and told officers that he “blacked out.” In Morris County, the Policing system handled John Formisano far different from others charged with murder for eighty-five days after his arrest. He was held in a mental health location and never fingerprinted until his pretrial indictment.

The Judge extended his indictment 45 days, and he agreed to imprisonment in a medical hospital until trial.

The laws in New Jersey typically require an appearance before a judge.

The legal experts challenged the treatment of his case because he was a senior Police officer. He is spending his arrest in St. Clare’s hospital in Boonton,New Jersey.

The lawyer and his Police union supporters are trying a diminished-capacity defense known as “passion-provocation.”(7.#https://law.jrank.org/

The reason would allow a jury to convict him of manslaughter. For this conviction, he would be imprisoned for less than ten years vs. 30 for murder.In a civil suit by the family of Christine Formisano, it was reported that the Newark Police did not protect her. They had suspended the ex-husband and “suicidal behavior or threatened self-injury” during or before the incident. (8. https://patch.com/07/17/19 K.Kausch. )

On April 15, 2020, the Judge has found Police officer John Formisano able to stand trial for murder.

Tamara Seidle was a mother with nine children and the wife of a Neptune New Jersey Police officer. Her ex-husband had multiple charges for domestic violence; in one case, he put a gun to her head when she was pregnant.

The husband, Philip, beat her while having multiple affairs with women. Tamara struggled with cancer during the domestic abuse from her husband. The Neptune Police knew of his domestic abuse, and the internal affairs took his service weapon based on his violent history.One year later, the gun was returned after he offered to resign, and he returned to duty.

On June 16, 2015, after a car chase with his ex-wife Sargent Philip Seidle crashed into her car. Seidle fired four shots into the driver’s side of her car. He released his daughter to run to the Police, then stood in front of her car and fired six shoots through her car windshield. (9.https://www.app.com/05/22/18 A.Ford. )Tamara Seidle was pronounced dead at the scene, and Philip Seidle was arrested, but Asbury park Police were positioned during the shooting but failed to fire on Seidle.

Tamara Seidle was pronounced dead at the scene, and Philip Seidle was arrested, but Asbury park Police were positioned during the shooting but failed to fire on Seidle.

Seidle, as a Police officer, had a history of excessive force charges. A 700-page internal affairs report that the Police fought to block from allowing it in his trial. (10.https://www.app.com/videos/news/crime Philip Seidle blocked officers from responding to his wife’s domestic violence calls. Tamara requested protection from the Police but never received help.

During the trial, Philip Seidle claimed he “blacked out,” and his wife caused her death because she did not obey him. Philip Seidle was allowed to plea his sentence to 30 years, but he has to serve 80 % before parole.

The family has a lawsuit pending this year based on the legal system’s failure to protect Tamara. The Neptune Police force returned his weapon but should have fired him. The legal system did not protect her when she asked for Police help because he was a Police officer.

Tamara Seidle was a mother of nine children and a respected educated women but on June 16, 2015 at 51 she died unarmed and shot by the Police.

Megan Montgomery, Megan Montgomery was found shot to death in December of 2019

At 4:30 am in Mountain Brook athletic, the body of Megan Montgomery was found there.

Within 24 hours, her husband, Jason Bragg McIntosh, was arrested for murder.

Jason Bragg McIntosh was a Police officer for the city of Hoover and Birmingham, Alabama. McIntosh had resigned from the Police force after shooting her in the arm during a domestic violence fight.

Megan was an attractive athletic woman and had only been married for a year before her death.She had requested a protective order that was issued, but McIntosh’s service weapon was not removed.

The charges were reduced to a misdemeanor that allowed him to keep his gun. The state of Alabama did not decertify his license as a Police officer, and after a second domestic violence charge, McIntosh resigned from the Hoover Police force.Megan continued to produce Instagrams that revealed the stalking messages he sent her until her death.

Why? The Policing system wants to protect his ability to work as a Police officer. But it did not safeguard Megan Montgomery from being an unarmed victim for an ex-Police officer.

The murder of Christine Formisano, Tamara Seidle, and Megan Montgomery occurred due to a flaw in a Policing system. The U.S. legal system has made it so that Police officers can make a plea to lesser domestic violence charges. The loss of access to carry a gun ends a Police officer’s career.

In many cities, the contract with the union prevents the revealing of past charges against officers. While judges often allow officers to plea to non-violent charges, which reduces the domestic order. Yet the most common is where the blue wall of fellow officers under-report domestic violence against a spouse. Christine Formisano, Tamara Seidle, and Megan Montgomery were not merely shot but were executed by their ex-husbands. They were punished for getting a divorce. In two cases, they claimed to have blacked out at the time of the killing of their wives. Known as Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is an impulse-control disorder characterized by sudden unwarranted anger episodes. (11.https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases.

The “warrior” mindset that has become a focus of Policing today and the process of killology that makes killing easy was apart of the murder of the ex-wives. After he killed his wife, Phillip Seidle sent a text message to his children, blaming their mother’s death on her actions. But while he killed his wife’s as a execution, the court allowed him to plea bargain to 30 years from life.

the Killology mindset for Policing.

The Killology mindset teaches that you can kill without guilt and remorse and move on with your life. It is a part of the “Warrior Mindset” it is in opposition to the 21 century “Guardian mindset plan by President Obama. The five core operational strategies of police departments are preventive patrol, routine incident response, emergency response, and criminal investigation. And problem-solving — as well as support services. These operational strategies highlight how police work in a democratic society.

The Guardian method wants to de-escalate potentially violent issues where a Warrior mindset of Policing uses the bias of a criminal threat and the need to escalate to deadly force as needed. (12.https://www.justice.gov)

Psychotic illness is one of the most commonly known mental illness that causes people to be killed by Police. They have a 16 times higher rate than any other group. (13.https://www.treatmentadvocacycenter.org)

On May 18 in Madison, Wisconsin, a white female, Ashley DiPiazza, drunk and depressed after breaking up with her boyfriend, put a gun to her head, threatening suicide. A hostage negotiator attempted to build a rapport with her, and she never threatened the Police. But there was no plan for what to do once she came out of her apartment.

When Ashley DiPiazza emerged out of her apartment, she still had the gun to her head and did not drop it. Two Police officers fired on her eight times, killing her.

Her boyfriend cried with her father asking, “we just wanted the Police to help her, not kill her.”

The Police did not face charges for her death; the same decision made for Hannah Fizer’s death was applied to Ashley

DiPiazza. But the Federal court awarded the family a 7.5 million dollar settlement. Ashley served in the U.S. Army and had no drug history but suffered from depression.

The city’s Attorney admitted that the officers mishandled her problem, which should have used mental health specialists. (14.https://madison.com/wsj/05/19/14 N.Savidge.

The head of the Police Union rejected the verdict; he claimed that the Police could not second guess using deadly force, even with a gun to her head, “they would put themselves at risk.

The complaint was that these officers were undertrained in how to manage a situation like this. De-escalation generally has 8 hours of training, but firearms training is often more than 50 for most officers.

In most U.S. cities, the Police are called for the homeless and mentally ill, and in these cases, 1 in 4 are killed by the Police.

The Treatment Advocacy Center reports that 45% of the Police Departments have had no training in crisis intervention. (15. https://www.wsj.com/articles/when-mental-health-experts-not-police-are-the-first-responders)

The vast majority of cities want the Police department to control the homeless and drug-addicted. The Police are generally not prepared to manage the multiple problems like food and shelter the homeless need. 
The mentally ill are often lumped into this group of people who need mental health support but are more often faced with deadly force.

Renee Davis, a mother, and Native American and a member of the Muckleshoot tribe in Auburn, Washington, lived on Tribal lands. On October 21, two Kings County Deputy Sheriff arrived after a call from her boyfriend. She texted him she would commit suicide, and he needed to care for the two girls. Renee Davis was five months pregnant and had a history of depression, caring for her children.

The Police officers received a message that she was suicidal.When the officers entered her home, they found her in bed with a gun.The officers commanded her to drop her weapon, and when she did not, she was shot multiple times and died. The gun was not loaded when she was shot.

The two Deputy Sheriff’s never used any crisis intervention; they shot her eight times at close range after commanding she put the gun down.

The result of the death of Renee Davis was that her family sued the Police for wrongful death. The family joined with others to demand a change of state laws, and bill I-940 was created.

The bill required all officers to undergo annual training to prevent escalating violence and creating mental health bias.But the bill does not address the requirement for all officers to be certified in intervention and the training. They also required the approval of the Washington Fraternal Order of Police. The support of the Police Union is a part of the problem when the best solution is mental health care professionals.

Crisis responders are a means to de-escalation.

Eugene, Oregon, the responders’ program known as Cahoots, has reduced the Police’s 911 calls by 20%; the staff is nurses, EMT’s and Mental Health responders. They are not the Police but do have radio communications with them and fire rescue.

They carry food, clean clothing, and soap for the homeless.

The funds that are typically budgeted for the Police are now provided to Crisis Responders. The use of homeless outreach units like CAHOOTS is developing all over the country.

The unit knows that 1 out of 4 fatal shootings involve those who have a mental illness. The case begins without a Police officer, which tends to reduce the person’s fear and anger.

The CAHOOT, specialist skills mange conflict resolutions, substance abuse, suicides, and homelessness without carrying a weapon.

The Eugene, Oregon CAHOOTS organization received 25,000 calls and saved the city 8.5 million dollars.In 2020 Oakland, CA, has developed a similar program called the “MARCO,” the mobile assistance community responder of Oakland. The funding will be taken from the cities Police budget of $330 million. But funding of intervention responders reduces the potential for deadly force on a mentally ill or homeless person and the civil liability the city government must pay. The payment of the litigation for Police officers that causes a citizen’s death is not from the Police operating budget.

The budgets of Police organizations are on a steady increase yearly, and the value of litigation’s also is increasing. In 2019 Minneapolis Mn. was required to pay 20 million dollars for the murder of Justine Ruszczyk, who was killed by an officer. (16.https://www.npr.org/06/07/19 V.Romo.

The New York (NYPD) Police paid 230 million dollars in civil judgments against the Police department. And $108 million for excessive force cases. The NYPD is the largest Police force in the U.S. With 36,000 officers and a 1 billion dollar budget. (17.https://www.nbcnews.com/08/31/20.

But in London, the U.K., The Metropolitan Police have paid only $19million but over four years with a Police force of 32,683 Police officers. These funds paid for liability are not subtracted from the Police operating budget but from the general taxes and revenue during the year.

Los Angeles County, from 2018–2019, the Sheriff’s office had 606 claims filed against it for litigation. The department has 10,000 officers and is the largest Sheriff’s office in the country. The budget in 2020–2021 will be 3.5 billion, with a reduction of 400 million dollars. (18. https://lasd.org/sheriff-addresses-bos-proposed-budget-cuts/)Los Angeles County paid $81 million for litigation.

In 2020 the County paid for efforts to reinstate one fired deputy Caren Carl Mandoyan, who was accused of domestic violence, has already cost the County $3 million in legal fees. (19.https://abc7.com/caren-carl-mandoyan-la-county-sheriffs)



A means to make Police accountable under the law.

The Qualified Immunity is designed to protect Police officers and officials from being sued by the families of those killed from excessive force.

This legal status is being challenged and needs to be removed to allow the public to sue officers in civil court.

The ability to sue officers for excessive force has the effect of making officers use de-escalation or mental health support teams and question deadly force.

On January 26, 2015, in Denver, Colorado, a 15-year-old Latino LGBTQ woman Jessica Hernandez and four friends suddenly fell asleep in a car; Police surrounded them. Hernandez accelerated the vehicle forward; two officers opened fire with eight shots killing Jessica Hernandez. The District Attorney justified the officers’ actions, and there were no criminal charges. (20.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qCWkm5YaU0)

The city of Denver offered to pay one million dollars as a settlement for Jessica’s death. The community was angered that she was shot while in a moving vehicle. This is an illegal act of Policing in most states but still is used. (21.https://www.denverpost.com/June 5, 2015/N.Phillips.

In Cleveland, Ohio, a car passing a Police Precinct backfired. The officers reacted and began to follow where 12 officers fired 137 rounds, which would kill two suspects who never threatened anyone. One officer Michael Brelo fired 15 shots from the car hood. Brelo and his fellow officers fired 137 shots and killed Melissa Williams and Timothy Russell in less than 20 seconds.

Brelo continued firing after other officers stopped,105 officers were involved in the chase out of 277 officers on duty. Melissa Williams and Timothy Russell were killed after being shot more than 20 times, and no weapon was found in the car. The chase involved eight different Police departments and included supervisors. Officer Brelo was charged with two counts of Voluntary Manslaughter by continuing to fire 15 shots after other officers stopped. (22.https://www.themarshallproject.org)

The U.S. Justice Department has announced that shooting at a moving vehicle is inconsistent with best practices. It also stated that officers need to consider if others in the car may be innocent bystanders, and if a crash resulted, the vehicle could kill other drivers.

Dr. Lisa Fournier of Washington State University wrote a report for the D.O.J. in 2011 that shooting at a moving vehicle is flawed. (23.https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/psychology)

The Judge in the case, John O’Donnell, found Brelo not guilty of all charges and justified for using deadly force in this case. He stated that a police officer’s conviction for this prosecution did not meet beyond reasonable doubt for a belief.

On January 26, 2016, six officers involved in the case were fired by the Cleveland Police, but five were later reinstated in October 2017.In Philadelphia, from 2002 to 2015, 43 people were shot eight died; all officers knew this was a violation of policy. The city paid 5.8 million dollars, and the only punishment was a written reprimand for an officer.

The Police Chief Charles Ramsey requested a Justice Department review of the Internal Affairs division handling cases where misconduct resulted in deaths. (24. www.inquirer.com/Mark Fazllolah and Dylan Purcell )

Ramsey only gave out a one-day suspension for an officer who fired thirteen shots at a moving vehicle.

The Internal Affairs Division was determined to be flawed for not asking questions and physical evidence collection. The Philadelphia Police, Internal Affairs Division, averaged more than 250 days for just one investigation of shooting at a moving vehicle.

The mindset called “Killology” is a “Warrior” mentality that makes killing rational and has a bias that others must fear you, and you can defeat any threat. No one is allowed to defy you when you wear a badge without punishment.

Killology does not care if you are unarmed or a woman .

Hannah Fizer died after she was shot five times at point-blank range and unarmed.

Breanna Taylor was shot eight times, with three officers firing a total of 20 gunshots. They stormed her apartment with a “no-knock” warrant.

The Officer has not been charged; one was fired, but all have contended they followed department policy.

The “blue wall” that protects them is built on the police union’s policies, which often includes the Killology process and methods.The use of “choke-hold” and Militarization tactics in attacking a building at night, assault on a vehicle, or intimidating suspects is filtered into Police training but is Killology. The legal system gives Police Officer the ability to use deadly force when they fear for their lives, yet most unarmed shootings begin with no crime committed. In 2017 89 people who were killed started as a simple traffic stop.

The majority of those killed were people of color, where racial bias and a lack of de-escalation training serve as significant causes of death.The officers can use deadly force, knowing that any prosecution requires proving that they did not act in a manner that another officer would in that situation. The public generally views the Police as justified in their actions, which is a belief held by Judges and juries.Michael Brieo was charged with two counts of Voluntary Manslaughter by firing 15 shots after other officers stopped. He was found not guilty because it could not be proved that his bullets of the 137 fired that killed. His actions were enough to get him fired but considered reasonable in a court of law. (25. https://www.vice.com/en_us/topic/michael-brelo)The Police departments that contain a restrictive use of force have a low amount of deadly force incidents historically. The development of restrictive use of force only works if there is a reduction of the Police union’s influence in training. There is a need for communities to develop an alternative that has no connection to the Police.

To reduce the number of unarmed shootings by Police officers, an alternative approach for the mentally ill, homeless, and addicted. The most successful organization has been the CAHOOTS organization of Eugene, Oregon. They use mental health workers and caregivers to treat these groups. Organizations like this also reduce the cost and time to provide care and decrease unarmed shootings.The years from 2009–2012 of those killed or imprisoned, 13.6 had depressive disorders, 14.2 Schizophrenia, 10.2 Bipolar disorders, 22.7 Alcoholism, and 22.7 drug addiction

Replacement of Warrior Policing.

The Warrior Policing method is driven to make communities fear Policing as a means to arrest or kill those who break the law. It relies on the Police officer to act immune to the law and deadly force is one of the tools.

The 21 Century Policing model provided a change that allowed civilian community oversight.

It provides the community with the ability to hold Police Unions accountable by limiting their ability to control contracts and training regulations and transparency.In 2017 640 people were killed where no crime was reported, and 89 were from a traffic stop. One hundred forty-nine of those killed by Police were unarmed (26. https://policeviolencereport.org). The largest group killed were Blacks 49, Hispanics 34, and Native American 2.

Ninety-six of the unarmed killed by the Police were in a moving vehicle.

Why, with the knowledge of 21st Century Policing, do we continue to have these deaths?The influence of the Killology mindset and the power of the Police Unions to control Police departments. The training of Police officers emphasizes the primary tool of Killology the gun. Officers generally have 58 hours of handgun training but only eight hours of Crisis Intervention and de-escalation.

The blue wall” of Police officers and the Police unions legislate politically on the National, State, and local levels. All of the political parties actively seek their endorsements. But the public, in the end, pays the price for unarmed killings; the death of George Floyd resulted in weeks of civil unrest. The results of that unrest were rioting, Arson, and looting. Minneapolis will lose More than 400 businesses damaged during the riots, with rebuilding costs estimated at more than 500 million. During 2020 Louisville, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles all faced civil disorder directly related to George Floyd. Los Angeles faces a $38.2 million cost in California Highway Patrol overtime costs and $25 million deploying the National Guard.(27.https://www.startribune.com)Yet none of these costs are offset by the Police department and the officers. The general public must understand that changing the method of Policing can reduce the factor of litigation. With the largest Police force in America (36,000) in 2019, NewYork City had to pay $175 million in civil judgments. Los Angeles county from 2018 -2019 paid 91.5 million for just 16 decisions.

The idea of “defund” the Police is a current belief, but the real answer is to change those elements that contribute to its cost: unarmed shootings by Police officers.

The answer is the following. :

  1. Prohibit Police officers from shooting at moving vehicles.
  2. The use of de-escalation methods as a last resort before deadly force.
  3. The use of mental health professionals for 911 calls involving the homeless, drug-addicted, and mentally ill.
  4. Establish a permanent Special Prosecutor’s Office at the State level for cases of police violence (fn#https://www.joincampaignzero.org/solutions#force
  5. Remove the “Killology” method of training, and all officers are prohibited from using it.
  6. Police officers charged with domestic violence cannot be allowed to plead to lesser charges to keep their use of a firearm. Their conduct must be managed like the general public.
  7. A civilian review board must determine if the Officer will remain on the force and recommend the Officer’s chief of police retention.
  8. There is no time limit for civilian complaints.
  9. Bargaining agreements between the Fraternal Order of Police/Metropolitan Police Department Labor Committee does not restrict management’s right to discipline sworn officers.”
  10. Cities should replace arbitrators as the final decision-makers on police accountability with people liable to the public.
  11. Explanatory footnote: Points 1–10 are from https://nixthe6.org/