The rise of an American Fascist: Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The hate is in pure sight.

The negative thoughts just kept coming … I wish there was a switch to turn off those thoughts … “Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was born in Milledgeville, Georgia. Still, she grew up in Cumming, Georgia, a city of 7,318 people in a suburb of Atlanta. Whites make up more than 70% of the population of Cummings. But when she was growing up, the percentage was even higher because the community made every effort to keep non-whites out. She grew up in a wealthy upper-middle-class home in the bible belt of Georgia. She attended a high school that had no black students during her education. While a student at the University of Georgia in Athens, she met Perry Greene. She married him, and both worked in her father’s company and learned the business of siding installation.

They took over her father’s company Taylor Commercial in Alpharetta, GA, in 2002. She was listed as the company CFO. Perry Greene was the company general manager, and in 2006 they took full ownership of the company.

In Cummings, GA., Marjorie Taylor-Greene was a wealthy woman searching for her own identity in a community that lacked her background. At 40, her life was filled with an unfulfilled career and home life. She would eventually seek a divorce from her husband, calling her marriage “irretrievably broken .”Marjorie Taylor- Greene began training as a Crossfit athlete and became hooked on the sport. The sport was her only passion, and nothing else was more important in her life. She had a life change because of the sport. Greene reconciled her marriage but had two affairs with fellow trainers. Greene, during this decade, was totally apolitical; eventually, she got her own gym at 40, where she was known to stay there all day.

In 2012 Greene left the family business after having 51 percent ownership and created a Crossfit gym named CrossFit Passion, in Alpharetta GA. However, she admitted she had no experience. Greene had success as a Crossfit athlete and trainer; however, she became frustrated with her athletic ability. But the sport made her physically stronger and confident. Then in 2016, Greene connected to Twitter and began following Trump and supporting him by backing his connection with conspiracy theories. Her profile quickly expanded, and she found herself on far-right websites and social media. In addition, Greene connected with bikers for Trump, gun rights, anti-liberal and racist groups.

She began blogging and created a profile of businesswomen that started jobs fought politicians over “big taxes .” Greene became a member of the now-defunct American Truth Seekers, a conspiracy news website writing on conspiracies about 9/11 and gun control and the threat to second amendments rights by Democrats.

As a member of the far-right group, the Family America Project, she led attacks against Obama. In addition, she had a Facebook page that promoted death threats but rejected mass shootings like “Sandy Hook Elementary school.

Greene began to gain more credibility among the followers of Trump as her name was linked to groups that, although far-right, were loyal supports of President Trump. And Marjorie Greene, as the Family America Project leader, used the platform to attack his enemies and increase his supporters.

Greene as director, endorsed that Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama needed to be hanged as Traitors by Trump. A significant subject of Facebook was Billionaire George Soros. He was connected to the Nazis and was determined to use Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Acorn to destroy America.

Majorie Greene, in 2019 believed she was able to move her activist success to the political world and originally planned to run for the Georgia 6th Congressional district. But again changed to the 14th district, where she could leverage her conservative views. The community was her backyard that she had grown up in. A group she had connected with known as Q’anon had a large following in the region and instantly associated with Greene and her conspiracy beliefs.

Greene provided the Q’anon follower’s national credibility by running for office that no other far-right supporter had in the past. 
In addition, the region that she campaigned in had a history of demographically having a black population of only 8.7% and a Hispanic or Latino of 10.6%, and whites making up 87%. The median income for Georgia is $58,000, but the district’s largest city, it is only $38,000. In addition, 25% of the district’s population is below the poverty line compared to 14% for the state of Georgia.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: said, “she would feel “proud” to see a Confederate monument if she were black because it symbolizes progress made since the Civil War.”

The 14th district has been historically red for more than 20 years. Greene would challenge the Republican establishment to support racist Islamophobic and anti-Semitic views on her Facebook. She made appearances with Klu-Klux Klan members and was the principal speaker at Q’anon rallies. The leadership of the Republicans in the House feared her growing support in the district. Still, in the Republican primary runoff for U.S. House Georgia District 14 on August 11, 2020, she defeated a Neurosurgeon and Trump supporter, John Cowan. Then, on November 3, 2020, she defeated Democrat Kevin Van Ausdal. He had withdrawn before the election, so she was unopposed in the 2020 election.

Following her election, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) stated he would not tolerate the racism that she expressed. But Greene persisted in calling the members of BLM neo-nazis and claiming that Islamic men have sex with children and their sisters. 
But she was able to get significant support from the chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), one of President Donald Trump’s closest allies on Capitol Hill. Jordan later stated he opposed her statements but viewed Greene as an asset for President Trump.

At rallies for President Trump, Greene became a consistent figure where she claimed blacks were the slaves of Democrats who used them for their vote. In addition, she made claims that whites were subjected to the white replacement conspiracy theory.

Greene was called by President Trump a “rising star” in the Republican party. The leadership that denounced her embraced her support for President Trump. And her ability to raise money for the party. During the runoff election, Greene criticized the use of the Payroll Protection Plan by businesses. Still, her company received $182,300 in PPP funding from the Small Business Administration during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company then donated $450,000 to her campaign for election. In her first quarter in Congress, Greene raised 3 million dollars for her own reelection campaign. The funds were from 100,000 donations that averaged $32.00 per donation. Greene has branded herself as the hard rights emissary against the liberals and socialists in America. 
She has become a guaranteed lightning rod at every rally she has appeared in those who once openly opposed her now sought her attendance.

Once she was sworn into the Congress, Greene began attacking 40 other Republicans that she claimed were attacking America. She labeled these Republicans as “the Surrender Caucus” for siding with Democrats when she attempted to block the passage of their proposals.

She openly attacked Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez Greene shouted at Ocasio-Cortez, calling her a coward. Democratic Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri had her office moved following a heated discussion about failing to wear masks. On February 25, 2021, Taylor-Greene attacked the Equality Act, a bill that would ban discrimination against LGTBQ Americans.The Republicans failed to block the passage of the bill the day before. Greene tried to stop the act “because she believes prohibiting discrimination against trans Americans is ‘disgusting, immoral, and evil,’”
Congresswoman Rep. Marie Newman, whose daughter is transgender, posted the trans flag outside her office. Greene reacted by posting a sign outside her door “There are TWO genders: MALE & FEMALE …Trust The Science!”

On February 4, 2021, 11 House Representatives joined with Democrats to remove Marjorie Taylor-Greene from her committee assignments in Congress.

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy called the move a power grab by Democrats.Greene supported Trump’s false story of the election being stolen in 2020. During the insurrection on January 6, Greene refused to wear a mask with the other members of Congress. Still, she did call for the violence to end in the Capital. She used Twitter to accuse the Democrats of causing the riot with their rhetoric. Greene claimed that Antifa and the FBI organized the attack on the Capital. She accused President Biden of being bought off by a foreign government to control the election. Biden was accused of abuse of power, and Greene started articles of Impeachment.

On January 27, 2020, Rep. Democrat Jimmy Gomez and Jacob Daniel Auchincloss called for her to resign or be removed from Congress. 
 After she tweeted that Democrats needed to be killed and openly threatened members of Congress. On January 29, members of the House of Representatives requested that Marjorie Taylor-Greene be censured and removed from her two committees. 
This action stripped Greene of any power within the Congress despite the complaints of Kevin McCarthy, Republican House leader. Instead, he had a party meeting where it was reported that the members fully supported her.

But once Greene was stripped of her membership, this started her retaliation agenda against Democrats as conspiracy-driven claims intended to accuse them as traitors planning to destroy America. Greene also became aware that House Leader McCarty had little control of her. As a result, other Congress members were willing to follow her. 
Greene accused Hilary Clinton of murder and Barack Obama of sending the gang MS-13 to commit a contract murder. She claimed that Muslims would conquer America and mutilate women’s genitalia.
This rhetoric only added to her popularity within the far-right but had Democrats demanding her removal from Congress.

The speaker Nancy Pelosi called McCarty a coward for allowing her rogue behavior. The Republican Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, angered by her anti-Semitic comments and called her views a “cancer for the Republican party.”
Greene did not back down to the leaders of the Republican Senate; she held a press conference and pushed back by declaring that her views were those of President Trump. She claimed, “The party is his — it doesn’t belong to anyone else,.”

Marjorie Taylor-Greene: The leader of a violent group in Congress. They are known as the “faction.”

The “faction” group was Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Republican Rep Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar. All were reprimanded for racism, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitic comments. In addition, Paul Gosar was censured for threatening President Biden and Rep Ocasio-Cortez. He was stripped of his committees. Lauren Bobert was forced to apologize to Ilhan Oman after insulting her.

But Marjorie Taylor-Greene, unlike the others, was undaunted, and her following grew along with her power to defy the authorities in the Republican party. Twitter and Facebook took away her access, so she connected to the podcast by Steve Bannon and other far-right broadcasts. 
She is one of Donald Trump’s leading supporters. She is willing to attack his enemies, including leaders in the Republican party. However, Greene’s support by Trump prevents McCarthy from taking any action against her.

A recent University of Virginia poll found that 52% of Donald Trump voters now “somewhat” favor Republican-controlled states “seceding from the union to form their own separate country.”

After the January 6 Commission, Marjorie Taylor-Greene changed her rhetoric to focus on a national divorce between red and blue states.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene had modeled her political career to support former President Trump and his campaign. Still, she realized that he was no longer in the White House or Washington following the insurrection. She had become the champion of “white grevence “ among the type of people she represented in the 14th district of Georgia. The followers of Q anon want to protect their guns and believe Trump is still President.

Greene has found her place leading a war against the Socialist Liberal Democrats, Antifa, and making America white again.Marjorie Taylor-Greene is a dangerous person. She is powerful enough to send others into Domestic violent acts against her political enemies or obtain secession for a state. 
But as a rogue leader, her reelection will face moderate Republicans in the mid-term elections that she has shamed and who want her out of the Republican party. The leaders in the Senate and House see her as a threat to their image.

The Democratic leaders will have a candidate that will not drop out of the midterm election and will battle her throughout the election. She has never faced an actual election. The midterm will force her to run on her record, but she has none because she was censured by Congress.So Marjorie Taylor-Greene, a woman who found Crossfit as a way out of a mid-life crisis and then joined the cult of Q anon, eventually outgrew its conspiracies and followers and became a Congresswoman. She has risen to become one of President Trump’s most influential supporters.

But unlike President Trump, who wants revenge and to prove his lie,that the 2020 election was stolen by winning in 2024.Trump expects loyalty to get his support in a election. Marjorie Taylor Greene covets something far more diabolical. Greene wants to rid America of non-whites, Transgenders, LGBTQ and imprison Liberals or execute them as traitors. Blacks would have no rights in her world. She believes that black people have to be controlled and their role limited so they cannot take jobs or rights away from white people.

She dreams of a violent secession between the red and blue states by 2024 that will remove the leaders of the Democrat’s in Congress and in the party. She is living the prophecy of Q anon.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene, like most Fascists, has only one perspective her own. And the more support she receives, the narrower her view becomes, even if it destroys a nation. She has built a nation of followers both in Congress the Senate and Trump followers. But most of all she has a cause to return white purity like the world she grew up in.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene, on Martin Luther King day, claimed that she understood how the end of segregation in Georgia marked the beginning of equality for people of color in America. But she wrote, “Today, I believe we are seeing a new segregation and discrimination beginning, wrongfully forced upon unvaccinated Americans by the tyrants of the Democrat Party.”

This statement reveals why Marjorie Taylor-Greene is dangerous as a Fascist because she views white America as threatened people left without any options and the unvaccinated as enslaved people. The enslaved needed a leader in the revolt. Unfortunately, she is covets to be that leader.

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