How Texas is seceding from America lead by Governor Abbott and the Republican House.

Since 2010 Texas has increased the population with the overwhelming number of people of color.

In 1836 Texas broke from Mexico and its President Santa Anna and formed the Provisional government known as the “New Republic of Texas.” Texas has always embraced the role of fighting back at a perceived tyrannical government rule. The “lone star state “ means that Texans view themselves as a country within a country. Since he was elected in 2015, Governor Greg Abbott has treated the management of Texas like it was the New Republic and is independent of the rest of America.

From the beginning of his political career as Attorney General, Greg Abbott has been a leader in Texas Republican conservative values. He often remarked that he started his day “suing the Obama administration.” Abbott openly attacked issues on abortion, transgender, and same-sex marriage.

When former Governor Rick Perry decided that he would not run for a new term in 2015. Abbott, with his supporters, built a massive election “war chest” of $34.4 million and obtained the collective support of the fossil fuel industry in Texas. Companies like Conoco Phillips, Valero Energy, Exxon Mobil, and Chevron supported Abbott’s campaign. As a result, Abbott defeated the Democratic Nominee Lupe Valdez with 56 % of the vote.

Since his election, Governor Abbott has used his office to drive the far-right policies of the Republicans in Texas and in American. For example, Abbott cut $ 150. million dollars for children on Medicaid. In addition,The Governor signed anti-abortion legislation that has almost eliminated it as a medical procedure within the state.

Governor Abbott became the leader of the Texas Public Policy Foundation

a Think-tank advocated for the state to amend the U.S. Constitution and prevent and limit federal laws.

Texas is the second-largest state in the U.S. population and size, 2nd in GDP of the fifty states. Texas is 78.7 % white, Hispanic 39%, blacks 12%, and Governor Abbott has embraced these numbers to support his repressive political policies.

Texas because of the 2020 census In 2022, will have two more Congressional seats. In 2010 the Republican Legislature was reprimanded by a federal judge for failing to correctly map the states voting districts. Governor Abbott was named in the lawsuit that accused state Republicans of gerrymandering the voting districts in Texas. But despite the charges against the Governor and the Republican House, the administration has added new voting restrictions in 2021.

By 2017, the Abbott administration vetoed more than fifty bills in Texas. Instead, he used his executive powers to take control of Texas. Republican Member of the Texas House of representatives grew angry with Governor Abbott’s control over a regime that had belonged to the statehouse leaders.

When the leaders in the Republican party pushed back on executive powers, Governor Abbott chastised them over what he had accomplished. With abortion and federal regulations imposed on fossil fuels by the Obama administration. President Obama made Texas the primary target of his efforts to use government regulations to affect climate change. The Clean Power Plan to slash carbon emissions was a battlefront for the President and the Governor. This was only one of many battles fought between the Governor and the President. Still, for Governor, it galvanized his supporters and forced Republicans to follow him or lose support.

In 2016 the Election of Donald Trump created an Allie for both men, with Trump adopting Governor Abbott’s policies in Texas. Many feel he modeled his action of running the White House staff like that in Texas. 
Governor Abbott’s during the 2015 campaign cultivated support from the Texas fossil fuel industry Conoco Phillips, Valero Energy, Exxon Mobil, and Chevron, which further aligned him to the Trump administration. Trump would use “The America First Energy Plan” to increase Texas’s gas, oil, and coal production but neglected wind and solar energy production. In addition, Governor Abbott and President Trump attacked the “green environment” movement. Finally, Abbott made claims that climate is a far-left socialist viewpoint. Still, in a University of Houston survey, 80 % of Texans see climate change. Once Joe Biden was elected, Governor Abbott was determined to keep the significant policies of the Trump administration alive.

Operation Lone Star, developed by Governor Abbott, used National Guard and reinforcements from other red states as commander-in-chief.

He ordered his forces to interdict and capture any illegal immigrants and jail them. Still, the Biden Administration planned to catch and release them. Abbott’s goal was to continue the Trump method used to manage the southern border. More critical to Abbott was to remain defiant to the Federal government and the policies of the Biden administration.

The height of Abbott’s power actually grew during the Pandemic.

Beginning in 2019 with the first cases in America. As a supporter of President Trump, “down played” The severity of the virus and its effect in Texas. 
The reports of the covid virus on the east coast Governor Abbott treated as a threat for Texas. Still, they imposed a quarantine for those traveling from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. 
The Governor was to follow the Trump administration’s efforts to downplay the spread of the virus in the U.S. However, the WHO declared that the covid virus was a Pandemic on March 11, 2020; by March 13, Governor Abbott said Texas was a disaster area. Which quarantined travel to Texas but reopened the state by April 17 because the “curve” of infection had flattened. Governor Abbott created a task force of Republicans to develop a policy to keep Texas reopened. Still, local mayors and authorities were not members of the task force.

In cities like Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, the number of covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths spiraled upward until the vaccines began usage on December 17, 2020. Then, the hospitalization was more than 10,000, and in January, the highest amount of deaths since the start of the virus. Dr. Peter Hotez called for a complete “lock-down” of the state, but Abbott claimed that this would cause an increase in suicides and murder rates. Texas has the second-highest death rate in the U.S. But infections continued to spiral even once the vaccine was fully used. Governor Abbott was determined to keep Texas open while the hospitalizations rate soared upward.

In July, Abbott banned a mask mandate by all cities and communities like Harris County, where Houston is located. Judge Linda Hidalgo, the county commissioner for Hidalgo county, sued the state. Governor Abbott stated that “we can keep Texans safe and businesses open.” But in Texas, between June 30 and September 1, the covid hospitalization increased from 18 hundred patients to 14 thousand. In addition, Texas has the second-highest death rate, with more than 60 thousand deaths from covid-19 by September.

Still, his announcement of the opening of the state was used as a diversion. The state in February was recovering from a “Polar Vortex “ winter storm that shut down the power grid for a week and caused a power outage that affected 4.5 million Texans. The storm caused massive food, water, and power shortages that lasted for weeks, and the deaths would exceed 700. Once more, Governor Abbott blamed the power grid failure with the “green movement” and the use of windmills and solar power as a primary power source.

Abbott claimed that the state needs to reverse the use of clean energy, but the reality is that windmills and solar are only 10 percent of the state’s power source. The state’s issues began during the Perry administration, which ignored that a federal report found significant flaws with the power grid in 2011. The storm cost more than 20.4 billion dollars. Still, for Governor Abbott, it was criticism for his management by both Democrats and Republicans. Governor Abbott was forced to turn to the Biden administration for help. 
He blamed the ERCOT management of the grid and a massive overcharge of 16 billion dollars. The Abbott administration created house bill 14 to manage priority energy during extreme weather emergencies. Still, the administration refused to accept the role of climate change and the need to connect the power grid outside of Texas.

The statehouse Republicans’ control of the vote in Texas once more used their power to minimize the winter storm’s impact. The voting rights and the power over them were proven by the storm. Governor Abbott’s push for voting reform and the threat by Democrat’s numbers in their voting base have to be neutralized. There were no issues of fraud that impacted voting in Texas in 2020, but the Republican house pushed through a bill to reform it. Its changes directly affected people of color and those with disabilities. Texas Democrats could not prevent its passage and even left the state in May to stop the vote. The Governor threatened them all with arrests, but this failed, and the voting reforms were passed.

The Biden administration and Democrats on capital hill collectively attacked Governor Abbott about these reforms. Governor Abbott defended the response that he was off making Texas safe for voting. Yet, he is aware that the Democratic voting base is rising while Republicans are shrinking. Therefore, he has been actively working on core issues for the Republican base, which will get out voters for the 2022 elections.

The abortion reforms that would eliminate Texas are a major significant issue with the white fundamentalist base. Governor Abbott has promoted and signed a heartbeat law to prohibit abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy and private citizens to get a bounty for suing anyone who assists in getting an abortion. The Biden administration had the Justice Department opened an emergency request for a restraining order to block any action to ban abortions using the heartbeat law. The DOJ has sued the state of Texas. There will be a hearing on October 1, 2021, for this bill. The bill provides a bounty of $10,000 for those who successfully sue anyone who aids in an abortion.

The statement will allow women who are more than six weeks pregnant to be unable to get an abortion even if they are victims of rape or incest. Abbott claims this will save the lives of the unborn and that Texas will be able to prevent rape or incest, and women will still have six weeks to get an abortion if they are pregnant. In addition, Governor Abbott stated, “Texas will put rapists in jail,” which will prevent it from happening. But the Governor has no answer for date rape or family incest, and Texas currently has 6,108 untested rape kits. Texas as a state is ranked 15th in rape cases. Even in the Texas prison system, Texas reported 14,000 rape cases in 2020. Newsweek magazine called Texas the prison rape capital of the world”.

The Abbott administration faces its most significant backlash from the abortion ban, which has awakened women at every level. Support from the business community to protect Roe vs. Wade at all costs will be the primary issue in the 2022 midterm election.

The CEO of Tripwire Interactive was forced out of the company after he supported abortion. As a result, companies refused to do business with Tripwire unless he was fired.

Governor Abbott’s need for national attention from Republican Texans and Trump supporters nationwide massively grew with the Texas abortion law. But this also has made the state appear headed for a secession state from the U.S. government and giving Governor Abbott the power to be the sole authority over the state, and it’s the law. In addition, the Governor and his Lt.Governor Dan Patrick, labeled blacks in Texas and the U.S. for the new spikes in covid infections. This was proven to be a falsehood by the Texas Department of Human Service.

Patrick’s disinformation was approved by Governor Abbott but is a part of a larger plot that white Texans and Americans will be replaced over time.

The Great Replacement Theory

Other states in the U.S. have discussed secession from the country out of fear of replacement by immigrants and multi-color people who will vote Democratic. Governor Abbott currently leads a state which now is the leader of this aspect of the Trump political view, but there is a more significant danger. When the federal government overturns voting rights, abortion law, and immigration, how will Abbott and his Republican supporters respond? What actions will the Governor and the state of Texas take when hundreds of major companies threaten to leave because of his draconian laws.

The infatuation with the state’s history is independent of the rest of America and changing laws that are fundamental to the nation. The right to vote, women’s rights, a safe environment, and a health system that protects the community. Texas is called a Republic, but On December 29, 1845, Texas officially became the twenty-eighth state in the Union and nothing more but Governor Abbott may be leading by 2022 Texas out of the United States.