Why the Police don’t get indicted even when they kill !

Minneapolis , MN Reaction to the George Floyd murder!

I am a Investigative Journalist, and I just wrote about Breonna Taylor and other unarmed women killed by the Police (Unarmed shootings :The Officer was not charged and many of the victims are Women!). Kentucky’s Attorney-General Cameron’s decision was expected.

He ruled Breonna Taylor’s death was a tragedy but : quote “I think it is worth repeating again that our investigation found that Mattingly and Cosgrove were justified in their use of force after having been fired upon by Kenneth Walker.”(Kenneth Walker Breonna Taylor’s partner.)

Hannah Fizer, a young white woman almost the same age, was shot to death by a Deputy Sheriff in Selena, MO. Hannah was unarmed, but the Deputy claims she said, “she had a gun and would shoot him.” He shot her five times less than three feet away. Why?

Killology, this is a mindset taught throughout American Policing training schools .

In Hannah’s case, the Missouri state Special Prosecutor reached the same conclusion as Attorney General Cameron cops can fire multiple rounds (20) if they perceive a threat to their life! And if they claim this, no jury will convict them of a crime.


The Police Unions all instill this into the training, and Killology is the method they train by, and till this is prevented, none of these cases will go to trial. If they do, criminal Police will never be convicted, including George Floyd’s case sadly to say.

The reason is the structure that manages Police shootings, and this dictates the handling of the case. There is a reason that police by shooting killed 92% of those that killed suspects and eight % by Tasers, physical force, and police vehicles accounted for most other deaths. In 2017 only one percent of Police officers were ever charged with a crime due to deadly force .https://policeviolencereport.org/

There is a perception by Grand Juries and juries that Police Officers are defending the public and deserve a broad path of actions even if it becomes a tragedy like Breonna Taylor.

Breonna Taylor’s family received twelve million dollars as a settlement and there are many who feel satisfied with that and no justice as a charged crime.

But does money settlements serve the family and public ?

On 09/23, Louisville, Ky. Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Or.and several cities large and small protested the death of Breonna Taylor and others like her. 
The cost will be high; additional funding will be needed to support the Police to manage daily protest and any riots that occur .( $220.1 million was paid by the city of New York for the NYPD litigation in 2019. )

The funds for education, health care, and other city services lose money to pay the litigation’s from Police violence.There have been calls to defund the Police, but what is needed are alternative programs for Mental health and Social service support like the CAHOOTS crisis support organizations instead of the Police help.https://whitebirdclinic.org/about/

CAHOOTS treats racism as a public health crisis, and in some cites, they have managed 20% of the 911 calls. The use of Health care responders has reduced the Police’s funding and redirected to support this effort.

The most important aspect is that it reduces the possibility of excessive use of force because it is the last resort.The most critical actions that a community can take is the contract that it holds with the Police because it determines training and Policing standards. It can give Police Chiefs and city governments the power to fire Officers without them returning due to arbitration.

It can prevent dangerous methods of Policing like Warrior styled training overtaking a Guardian method. The community Policing process can improve the community and Police relationships.

Cleveland cops shot at 2 unarmed black people 137 times. Years later, 6 of them are fired

Please read this also on Police Unions :https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/09/19/why-are-police-unions-blocking-reform